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My site visitors often write to say "We want grocery delivery in Canada." Many search for grocery delivery in their own home community, and come up empty. Really. My 'grocery-shopping online in Canada' page draws the most attention on this site, and the lack of grocery delivery in their own area is what disappoints them most.

I tried to be positive when writing that page, about the places where one can ask to have groceries delivered. However, it seems my visitors are from all across Canada, and they want grocery delivery in their specific part of Canada. Obviously, there are great opportunities for delivery as an extra service, or as a business idea for others to take up.

There's a real business opportunity here! I know I'm not able to take up this idea, but will gladly share it with those who are interested.

[Bulletin: Here I'm pleased to insert that I've discovered! I've received so much about them, that I've started a new page. Learn about InstaBuggy's fast-growing grocery delivery service in Canada!]

[Another grocery delivery in Canada - now exists in the Edmonton area. See further down for details...]

In July (2015), Joanne, a visitor to my site, wrote: "We would love to have a full grocery service in Kingston, Ontario." There have been a number of others with similar sentiments from different location. had a service in the Ottawa area, which seems to have faltered. Their contact form bounces back my emails, so I'm not sure if they are still operating or have abandoned their website/idea. had a good reputation for delivering fine wholesome and organic produce in the Greater Toronto area, but I've just discovered that they shut down as of April this year. Their website refers customers to another site that is offering a similar service, and thriving; Farms & Forks. So I've just studied their website. Impressive!

They seem to have improved and developed further this idea of taking orders, getting food supplies from good, reliable organic producers, and then working out a good home delivery plan.

That's not to say there might not be other methods to work just as well. What we need is entrepreneurs who are not afraid to try them out. I say that because of the demand for grocery delivery in Canada I've received from my other page, as mentioned above.

Globe and Mail had an article on the business idea of selling groceries online. It was written in 2000 and updated in 2009, so it may be out of date again, but even then the need for such a service was clearly expressed. It did say that it was odd that the digital era has not dawned yet in the area of grcery delivery in Canada. (Ah, but that may be changing now in 2015!)

If you are looking for a good business idea, and not afraid of work, I would suggest you do your diligent research and see if you can't come up with a great plan. Whether that includes selling as well as grocery delivery, or just delivering groceries to home addresses, etc., I'm sure there is plenty of room for both, and even other ideas to do with grocery delivery in Canada.

The point is; people WANT grocery delivery in Canada!

Who Does Grocery Delivery in Canada? Where?

Let's summarize which stores or business provide grocery delivery and in what parts of Canada. - Updated 2/2017- ships in the Greater Toronto area, and has recently added Burlington and Hamilton too. Their new central warehouse carries over 10,000+ grocery products and also office supplies - sold by the case. Mr. Case delivers to homes and offices (think your workplace lunch room, as well as productivity tools). Though the fees have gone up a bit, they are still quite reasonable. The delivery fee is $5 for orders of $75 or more, and $8 for orders less than $75. They promise next day delivery for orders received before 11:30 a.m. Great! Think, if you can afford whole cases of everything you order, you won't have to order as often. You'd be smart to keep this link handy for special events or parties. In fact, they have an excellent Q&A page with answers to every question you can come up with.

Farms & Forks as mentioned above, come to mind first right now. They deliver groceries in the Greater Toronto area (GTA), which includes Toronto, Hamilton, Barrie and Oshawa. - is in different provinces, but you must enter your postal code to find out if they are in your area. (Note: their website looks neglected). - for those in the Greater Toronto area, including Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton, Cambridge, and Kitchener-Waterloo. (But some visitors have commented that they are quite expensive). - only in the Ottawa area, although they offer to fly groceries into Nunavet up north. - if you have one of these stores in your neighbourhood, (common in both USA and Canada), you have a good chance of grocery delivery if you live within close range of your nearest Safeway. It does cost!

Quality Foods - delivers to 12 specific local areas on Vancouver Island, off the B.C. coast. - in the Ottawa, Ontario, area, Billings Gate and Westboro in Ottawa proper, and at Kanata, a short drive south of Ottawa. The Natural Food Pantry fills orders in Canada and the continental USA by mail. International orders are accepted, but shipped by air mail, which has higher costs as they point out.

www./ - Grocery Delivery Areas for Canadian Locations include; Vancouver, Victoria, Vancouver Island, and Calgary. - There is another option. Ordering non-perishables from Amazon (in Canada), and choosing any of about half a dozen shipping options. Some are faster than others, but more costly. If you read my page above on this you'll find there are pros and cons - sometimes cheaper, sometimes more expensive grocery delivery in Canada. - now has a notice up that in the Ottawa area, you can place your grocery order online, (at least $50 worth) and then drive by and for $3 someone will load your groceries into your car.

Newest Grocery Delivery in Toronto!

While very busy moving my office this summer (2015), I became aware of a new grocery delivery service in Toronto. They are expanding to other places as people show interest, and they are able to arrange partnerships with grocers and shoppers in that area. In fact, so much information has come, that I've moved it all to a new page: see InstaBuggy. If this spread, we may soon have better grocery delivery in Canada!

Another in Edmonton

Stephen Zeidler -

December 2015; I've just been made aware of another shopping and grocery delivery in Canada - well, at this point this service is in the Edmonton area. Associate Owner, Stephan Zeidler, with the American-based company, WeGoShop. From Stephen's Canadian site, is offering to go grocery shopping for you, in the store of your choice. The territory covered is Ardrossan, Fort Saskatchewan, Josephburg, Sherwood Park, and these postal code areas of the city of Edmonton: T5A, T5W, T6A, T6B, T6C, T6L, T6P, and T6T.

They do not mark up the groceries. You pay exactly the price in the stores of your choice. There is a modest shopping and delivery charge. This can vary a little from one Associate owner to another, or the region, but the example I saw said that for a total store receipts of less than $300, the fee is $12 plus 8% of the total order purchased. If the grocery order total is more than $300 the cost to you is 12% of the total order. If you have some arrangement whereby you can place your grocery order online and just need someone to go pick it up for you, there is a flat fee of $15 for the delivery service. These rates seem quite fair and reasonable for grocery delivery in Canada, don't you think?

I see there can be some small additional charges for things like shopping at more than one store, or having to come to your address first to pick up your coupons, shopping for you on a holiday, or having to drive a little further out of their territory area, and so on.

Here's how to reach Stephen Zeidler: you can call him locally at (780) 405-6179, or use the toll-free number, 1-877-934-6746 (ext. 91). Or you can go to his NEW website, There I recommend reading several pages to get a clear sense of what their services include. Then, put your mouse over About, then, on the drop-down menu click on Service area. If you recognize the first 3 characters of your postal code, you know this service is offered in your area.

Stephen is on Facebook too:

Only in Alberta? Afraid so. But this company would be happy to help you start a business in your province and area. Read the website closely, and phone Stephen to ask how it is working out for him.

What about the Rest of Canada?

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We see that the major metropolitan areas can have groceries delivered to their door. Ottawa is well covered, the Greater Toronto area is covered for those who like fresh, natural and organic foods, and Vancouver Island is looked after for the most part. delivers in Calgary as well. Now parts of Edmonton have grocery delivery in Canada too.

It's obvious that there is a great opportunity here for new entrepreneurs. Perhaps for those who would both sell and deliver groceries, but possibly a better plan if the grocery delivery is separate from the grocery sales.

I am watching for such businesses, and trying to keep tabs on what happens in this industry. As I become aware of good ones, I'll be sure to report on new services that do grocery delivery in Canada, right here on this page.

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