Grocery Shopping Online USA

As you might expect, grocery shopping online USA, is alive and growing by leaps and bounds. There is already a great variety of online grocery sites. This list is not exhaustive, but is here to introduce you to what you might find out there. At least a few grocery sites are likely to deliver to your address.

Not quite Grocery Shopping Online

I've just been checking out Grocery Outlet and was really impressed by their site and an excellent movie that shows how they operate in a number of western states, and what makes them stand out. Only then did I discover that they don't offer online shopping. This site just promotes their chain of stores - where you have go personally to shop. Mind you, now that I see how fast they move excess product from other producers at wonderful bargain prices, I realize that their model maybe doesn't lend itself too well to online orders and delivery to your door. Too bad. It sounds like the kind of store I would love to shop AT if I were grocery shopping online in the USA.

It's possible to bid on food and wine at eBay. Something I had not ever noticed before. I notice some sellers are offering recipes, and expecting people to bid on them. Easy money if they do! (Maybe I should be rounding up good recipes, eh...?) However, eBay does not deliver to your door, it ships foods like other ebay products.

The Mashable blog lists 50 online grocery shops in the USA, and so I've used some of those links for part of my research. Not all of them are for residents of the USA.

USA Nation-Wide Grocery Delivery (Grocery & Gourmet)

Amazon has added a groceries and gourmet foods section to their vast range of products. They deliver just about anywhere you are, and if you subscribe to regular shipments, you can keep some items coming to you on a regular basis.

AUL Superstore

This superstore sells by the single item or by the case, and it ships to all 48 states as well as to military locations, just not to a postal box address. Your order usually arrives in 1-5 business days, but UPS does not deliver on Saturdays or Sundays. Mind you, they don't sell or deliver perishables, yet they try to provide you with the freshest "use by" dated products.

My Brands

MyBrands is a woman-owned company, founded by Suzanne Clarridge, the President/CEO and Laurie Twombly, Vice President Finance and Operations. Suzanne began this web store for brand name products that can sometimes be hard to find, when the business she was working for, discovered that their "baggies" were often not found in regular grocery stores - and that other manufacturers had the same problem. MyBrands now operates their own warehouse and customer call center in Rochester, New York. Web orders for MyBrand groceries will be delivered to the 48 contiguous US states by UPS ground delivery or USPS, but not to postal box addresses.

Their Help page says their 800 phone number can be reached from the USA and Canada, but I couldn't find any other confirmation on the site that they would deliver outside of the USA. I inquired via their contact form and was notified that yes, they would accept both phone and online orders from Canada. They noted: all orders to Canada are shipped via USPS priority mail only.

NetGrocer delivers groceries across America, right to your door. In most states that is same-day delivery, a few areas on their map have to wait a few days. If you live abroad and set up an account at AccessUSA, (which is basically a rental of an American mailing address), they will ship your order there, and AcessUSA will then forward it to you anywhere internationally. In fact, NetGrocer does deliver directly to the following military zip codes; APO/FPO AA, AP or AE. Yes, you can do grocery shopping online USA, even if you live elsewhere!

ShopFoodEX offers nationwide mail order delivery, and home delivery in the Roanoke, VA area. ShopFoodEx has a price matching offer for certain goods. Their shipping information page is quite helpful. They will ship internationally too, but you need to click on a certain link to be taken to a separate checkout for international orders.

Regional Grocery Delivery Only

be prepared for emergencies and disaster

Acme Markets delivers to areas of New Jersey, Delaware and Pennsylvania where they have stores You may also pick up your order at the nearest store. I found it hard to really explore their site as you have to enter a zip code in their region before you can go very far.

About a dozen grocery chains, including Albertson (and Acme Markets above) have been bought up by a super chain, SuperValu. Apparently these smaller chains or companies still operate under their own names, but SuperValu supplies all their products. It seems to look after all their websites too, as they all look alike. But - that's okay, if you can do your grocery shopping online USA.


This means of course, that if if one grocer (company) does not have a store in your area, another one very likely does. (Their map is full of red dots from the mid-west to the east coast of the USA, and also on the far west coast). Click this SuperValu link to find names of grocery shops you might recognize, such as: Acme Markets, Albertsons, Bristol Farms, CUB, Farm Fresh, Hornbacker's, Jewel - OSCO, Lucky, Save-a-Lot, Shaw's Start Market, Shop n' Save, and Shoppers.

Amazon Fresh

AmazonFresh is a separate company founded by, and offers over-night delivery as an option for those living in certain zip codes in the Seattle-area in the state of Washington. Amazon Fresh will delivery orders to your doorstep by 6 a.m. if you have placed the order online by midnight. It's called Pre-Dawn Doorstep Delivery. Everything is in special tote bags with gel packs to keep things either chilled or warm, as needed.

Shopping Tip 9

Like coupons? Get Coupons to Free Groceries! Hey, you could even Set up Your Store Aisle by Aisle! and run an online store too. You would need to install this simple software.

You will notice products on the site too, and those will be processed separately from your AmazonFresh order, but the shopping cart services is all handled for them by

(I've seen some people rave about Amazon Fresh on some forums about shopping, and looking into it now, I would to try it too if I were grocery shopping online USA !)

BigAppleGrocer delivers groceries to Manhattan and Hudson county, New Jersey, with their own trucks.. Orders under $150 will be charged $9.99 delivery fee, but over $150 worth of groceries is free delivery.

They will ship via FedEx to the 48 contiguous states, but only when you order non-perishable items. Small orders, from $25 to $49.99 will be charged $4.99 plus the carrier cost for shipping. If your order is $50 or more, you will only be charged the carrier's fees.

BlueRibbonFoods delivers by truck to the southeast United States, specializing in beef, pork, seafood and more. Oddly enough, I can't find prices or how to place orders online from this site. It shows fine cuts of meat, and great, appetizing recipes, and works hard to prove that they a very excellent organization. There is a contact address, and prominent phone number in the top right of the header, but I'm guessing you have to phone first to set up an account and then will probably be directed to the shopping cart pages.

Another seller of gourmet foods, found in New York City, now offering home grocery delivery in the region. Here you have to fill out an application form for a House account before you may shop there. Be aware that they will insist on your Social Insurance number.

FreshDirect serves the New York City metro area, focusing heavily on fresh foods like seafood and meats, as well as general items. They deliver to many neighborhoods in Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens as well as select areas of Staten Island, Westchester, Southern Fairfield and Nassau Counties. They also deliver in Riverdale, Jersey City, Hoboken and now more New Jersey townships along the Hudson River.

The photo tour of their efforts at "freshness" is interesting! However, you cannot see or start to order without providing a zip code that is in their delivery region.

GopherGrocery delivers to Minneapolis, St. Paul, and 103 zip codes across the Twin Cities. Order today, get groceries tomorrow! Delivery is just $2 and free on orders over $100. Gopher Grocery uses other stores in your area, and offers gift certificates, a loyalty program and $5 added to your account when you refer-a-friend.


Formerly HomeShop, Krogers delivers to several cities in Colorado, allowing for grocery shopping online USA. Their map for delivery implies that they cover a wide range in Colorado. It includes locations in Aspen Park, Brighton, Castle Rock, Cheyenne, Colorado Springs, Conifer, Denver (including Arvada, Aurora, Broomfield, Englewood, Golden, Highlands Ranch, Lafayette, Lakewood, Littleton, Louisville, Parker, Steamboat Springs, Superior, Thornton, and Wheat Ridge), Fort Collins, Greeley, Evergreen, Longmont, Boulder, Loveland, Monument and Pueblo.

I find it interesting to discover that Max Delivery brings your order to your door within an hour - on a bicycle! Of course, this is to a large portion of Manhattan, so when you stop to think of it, it makes sense. They will not get stuck in traffic - so yes, they are able to deliver within an hour. Or else they will cancel your delivery charge, which is only $2.95 for orders smaller than $75. Max can bring you DVDs as well as groceries, but not all your other general merchandise.

Their vegetable prices are a bit higher than I'm used to paying, but the service sounds good, and I liked the background on how Chris Siragusa began this business.

Here's another rather unique plan. This grocery delivers to university students in New York and Connecticut. Parents may pre-load an account for their student son or daughter. When the student places an order they can choose a one-hour window in which they will have their order delivered for free. But if they miss the order and another attempt must be made - then there is a fee.

I would imagine that is helpful if you are living by a schedule and know exactly where you will be at certain hours of the day. Any sloppiness with that schedule could get expensive on those delivery charges. But think of the convenience during exam times, if you did your grocery shopping online USA style there.

Peapod, founded by the Parkinson brothers in 1989, and by 1996, the first to offer online shopping for groceries. It seems in the beginning they, and their wives and other relatives, delivered the groceries themselves in their personal vehicles, but the idea caught on and they grew by leaps and bounds. In 2000 they were bought out by the Dutch grocery giant, Royal Ahold, but the Parkinson brothers are still involved in management.

an older gentleman enjoying the advantages of shopping online

Currently they serve 12 USA cities and their surrounding areas. These are bunched in three areas;
Directly from Peapod, they deliver groceries to Chicagoland, Milwaukee, S.E. Wisconsin, and Indianapolis.
Peapod, in conjunction with Stop & Shop stores delivers groceries to;
Connecticut, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, and New Jersey.
Together with Giant stores, Peapod delivers groceries in;
Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia.

Do they deliver in your area? Find out by entering your zip code on - They say their delivery charges can be as low as $6.95, and you may schedule delivery for two weeks in advance. Since they keep your cart open all that time you can go back online and add or take off items on your shopping list.

It sure looks like Peapod has learned to lead the way in grocery shopping online USA!

RocheBros, is a full-line grocery store servicing the Boston,MA area, from and around their ten stores. Although one has to sign up to really check out their products, I can see that they offer high quality and try to bring in more organic and natural merchandise all the time. They look out for their employees, so it must be a pleasure to work for them.

The Safeway grocery store chain has stores all over the USA and Canada, however it currently offers delivery from their physical retail shops to residential locations in the following areas: Northern California: San Francisco, Marin, Greater North Bay, East Bay, Sacramento, San Jose, Peninsula, Monterey, Salinas Portland, OR Seattle, WA Greater Phoenix, AZ Maryland, Philadelphia, Washington DC. Enter your zip code on the website to find out if they deliver in your own area. Delivery charges start at $6.95 but vary by the size of your order and the delivery time. There is also a fuel surcharge.

There are several windows (blocks) of delivery time over two shifts on regular shopping days. You may choose these at the time you place your order, but that is conditional on availability. Safeway refuses to deliver to an unattended address, so you need to arrange for someone at least 18 or older to be at the delivery address to receive the order. Express

Schnucks Express delivers groceries to a large sections of Missouri, and Illinois and even Bettendorf, Iowa. You will find helpful maps and lists of zip codes where they deliver or where at the least you may order online and go pick up your order. The site has a bit of a home-made look to it, but it has a good tutorial and lots of helpful information. There is, of course, no way of seeing their products without signing up first of all.

The about page tells an interesting story of how SimonDelivers and CoBornDelivers started and how they became one, and a superstore online with impressive standards and fans! Furthermore, I was pleased to see that it is possible to look over the products before deciding whether I wish to set up an account.

UrbanGrocery deliveries of goods from Magruder’s to the Washington D.C. area. The owner seems to be very personable and I see he and his wife are into other activities that are worthy and helpful to their community. However, the site is a bit confusing. It purports to be an online grocery site, but refers to selling software so that you can set up your own online grocery site yourself. When I tried those demo links I found some "dead" links and some that seemed inconsistent. Their shopping site seems to work okay. I would just ask more questions and dig deeper if I were considering the software.

YourGrocer is warehouse style shopping delivered to your house in New York City, Westchester, and SW Fairfield County. One unique thing that caught my eye on the Aisles page, is that under Special Aisles there is one for Care Givers Section. It contains things like: Ensure, Beverages & Foods, Incontinence Products, Medication &, Personal Care. I was a live-in caregiver for my parents for over 23 years and I never saw such thoughtfulness in any store I was at! Other special aisles that may connect with you are, Dieting, New Arrivals, Company Kitchen (offices), Give to Charity (NY food bank), Organic and Kosher. Many items will over-lap with the regular aisles, but this concept can put most of what you need in one aisle and save you time and fuss.

really smart grocery shopping online - USA

Another handy feature is their comparison page, which allows you to see that shopping through YourGrocer You can save anywhere from say 28% to 57% on some items.

The delivery page specifies what times are available in what areas, and exactly how many regular slots are open. So the opportunity to sign up for weekly delivers is limited. I imagine when you get a spot you try to hang onto it.

I have to give this site kudos for being so easy to explore and offering such helpful information in an understanding tone of voice. Though I am far from New York, I think this would be a sensible choice for grocery shopping online in the New York area. appears to be a real leader and innovator in grocery shopping online in Canada - and in some larger metro areas in the USA on the west coast. They started out in the lower mainland of British Columbia, and now do this in other delivery areas.

Save USA

An ebook on "power shopping" for free groceries Click Here!

Spud will source your produce and groceries as local as possible to you, to support organic family farms and producers. Shopping with saves you time, gas, frustration, and also lowers your carbon footprint.

Delivery Areas for Canadian Locations include; Vancouver, Victoria, Vancouver Island, and Calgary.

They use local sources in these USA locations to provide the same kind of grocery delivery; Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, Los Angeles.

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