Do you like hats? How do you shop for them online? Maybe you feel you need to try a hat on and step in front of a mirror first.

The times I tried on hats in a store I felt I looked better in them than without, but hats seemed to go out of style just when I finished high school and started working. That saved me an expense - ah... but I always felt like I missed out on the fun of hats.

With the royal wedding of Prince William and Kate in May (2011), the news media was abuzz with hats and fascinators. in fact, in my church they put on a ladies high tea and one woman who had a collection of 140+ hats brought them so that all the guests could choose one to wear for the event. Suddenly hats were back!

As soon as I started to look for hats online I quickly learned a few things. Hats covers a wide range of head gear, and they go by many names, including caps, berets, etc. Then I came to e4hats.com. Oh my! I had no idea there there that many types of head gear!

We can only do so much with the features we were born with, but when you put a hat or some sort of gear on your head, you add personality and definition to your persona - how people perceive you.

Just look. Here is a mini-store of their hats for you to see. Sure, you can buy - simply click on the hat, or whatever...of your choice, and you will be whisked to their site to complete the sale.

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