All Kinds of Shoes

All Kinds of Shoes can be found on the internet - a far greater selection than any one store might carry in your home town; anything you need in shoes, sandals, slippers, or even boots, you will find online, often at very appealing prices.

There are some challenges, such as learning how to measure feet and judge the right sizes for things like shoes, sandals, slippers, etc. But the footwear sites all provide that information. Simply hunt for the right links when you get to their pages. The instructions and charts for determining your size have a kindly tone and usually has the most helpful explanatory page. They began by trying to provide a good selection of finer shoes for women that have larger feet. They bend over backwards to help you work out what you need or want. The testimonials show that discovering the right shoes, or sandals, and/or slippers, even boots, has made many loyal customers. Take your time looking around there. I think you'll be pleased too.

Confidentially, I have sometimes preferred to go to a second-hand store like Value Village to find shoes that someone else has already 'broken in' for me. My most favourite shoes for a long time were a pair of white nurses' shoes I got second-hand that way years ago. They have been the most wonderful walking shoes I could hope for! I tried to walk to and from my office most days and I could hardly imagine finding suitable replacements for these comfortable shoes. They began to look a bit shabby, which is why I took to researching not just such as these, but all kinds of shoes online.

At first the sheer quantity of sites selling footwear like shoes, sandals, slippers, boots, - you name it - is overwhelming. So is the number of shoes they all carry. It takes time to explore the sites, search for just one or two pairs at first, and learn to narrow down which online store you will trust to buy from. Eventually, I hope to narrow it down to just one favourite store

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