UPDATE: MainStreet SHARES! has closed down too!

On this page I had reviewed the advantages of BigCrumbs, a cash back/rebate site, and share my personal observations, in case that helps you to discern if it is safe and profitable for you to join.

Now, I've discovered that the owners of have reinvented this business, and now call it MainStreetShares. I've been reading the new site, and it appears to still be a cash-back kind of system, just with new terminology. (Although they do insist that is not quite right; it is bigger and better).

How MainStreetSHARES Differed from BigCrumbs

1. Share Revenue When You Shop
Every Dollar You Spend Increases Your Share of Company Revenue

MainStreetSHARES earns commissions from member shopping, as well as additional advertising revenue. You share in this and all future revenue streams via monthly cash payments. The percentage you earn is equivalent to your percentage of total member spending. Bottom Line: you share in all MainStreetSHARES revenue streams via monthly cash payments based on your total spending.

2. Earn Commissions When Your Referrals Shop You Earn a Percentage of Retailer Commissions When Your Referrals Shop--Forever

From big box stores to popular boutique shops, you share in our retail partners' profits, through the commissions they pay MainStreetSHARES on your referrals' shopping. The exact amount you earn is listed on each retailer's details page. Bottom Line: you earn a share of retailer commissions via monthly cash payments based on your referrals' shopping.

3. Earn msSHARES When You And Your Referrals Shop
msSHARES Entitle You To Be Paid When We're Acquired

msSHARES are virtual shares that you earn, one per dollar of Member Shopping Revenue you generate. You also earn bonus shares, equivalent to 10% of the shares that each of your referrals earns. Bottom Line: you earn virtutal shares that enable you to build wealth from the value you help create. The collective value of all members multiplies your value, and your reward.

If you were already a member of your account data has been transferred but you get to decide if you want to be part of this new venture or not. You do that by asking to set your password again. I've done that. Of course, I explored the new site to make sure I understand like the changes.

Guess what; just from the shopping I've done in the past through - IF this company were to be acquired by another larger company, my share of the acquistion sale would be over $6,680!! Wow! Really!?

So if have shopped through BigCrumbs before, I urge you to make the effort to set a new password, and just see what you have gained!

[Now to adapt the information below - since much of it is in the past tense].

I joined this shopping portal (BigCrumbs) after another cash back site that I belonged to had crashed and bit the dust. Otherwise I might not be aware of it, or even that such cash back sites existed. I felt comfortable at BigCrumbs. It is not nearly so much in my face as the other one was, and the simplicity of the layout and how the program works is refreshing.

What I had with BigCrumbs

After joining BigCrumbs you got access to some exclusive deals they arrange with the top merchant sites, and other member stores. This is beside the usual good rebate precentages. You need to visit the site and check your messages, or the forum to be informed of them. That continues with MainStreetSHARES.

If you tell your friends about this, and they sign up (using your link) and use MainStreetSHARES before they go shopping, you will get a small percentage of their commissions too!

MainStreetSHARES connects you with some of the very best Deals and Coupons online. You can end up with discounts up to 80% off the regular prices, and lots of sites that offer FREE SHIPPING.

BigCrumbs set up some exclusives that other 'get cash back' sites don't have, and some that the merchant site doesn't even offer it's regular customers. It pays to hang out at least some of your time at - well, now at MainStreetSHARES!

You get access to millions of products from basic toothpaste to cars and trucks, and expensive jewelry.

Are you a coupon clipper/user? You can save even more before you make your purchases if you check out the coupons available at BigCrumbs, - which is now MainStreetSHARES.

Once you have found a store you love to shop at, simply put it into your Favourites (or bookmarks) there. Then you will no longer have to sift through indexes and search engines to find it for next time. You can zero in on it quickly - even if you are shopping from someone else's computer. If you really love a particular retail site, you can add it to your bookmarks.

I don't see that MainStreetSHARES has a forum up yet. I didn't get around to visiting the BigCrumbs forum very often, but those were very helpful people there.

I liked the simplicity of the BigCrumbs site. It didn''t feel as cluttered and confusing as some other sites. And hey, it sure is nice to get those emails saying they've put my rebates into my PayPal account! However, - I think their new site has been simplifed even more!

LATEST UPDATE: MainStreet SHARES! has closed down.
It is no more!

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Actually, I'm not a terribly big spender. But what shopping I have done online has given me the thrill of those BigCrumb desposits into my PayPal account. That's just from ordering my health supplements at my favourite online store, and some ink cartridges too. You could enjoy this benefit too, you know!

Hey, another hot new loyalty program is Lyoness is sweeping North America right now. (It's been in Europe and Asia for 10 years already). Lyoness operates on a huge scale with many more merchants. You can only join by invitation, but I can get you one.

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