Cash Back World: Now MyWorld

MyWorld (formerly Cash Back World) started as a popular customer loyalty program in European and Asian countries, came to take North America by storm. It has many features which may mean that you might carry less of these cards and streamline your shopping life to some degree. All the while, giving you cash back on all your shopping and Shopping Points (discounts).

Get Money Back - with every purchase

mother and daughter shopping online

Now, more than 47,000 MyWorld Loyalty Merchants will give you cash back with every purchase! All you have to do is show your Cash Back card, or use your Vouchers, or give your account number when shopping online.

That's not all! You You will automatically receive Shopping Points in addition to Cashback with each purchase. In Canada you get to redeem those Shopping Points for Deals from the Loyalty merchants in the Loyalty Mall. These are specific items that you might not normally splurge for, so they are like treats in fashion, entertainment, things for your kids or home.

In essence, you can do your usual shopping, get money back to spend again, and get Shopping Points for extra gifts you were not expecting! This kind of shopping blesses you three times!

How Much Cash?

You should receive up to 5% of your purchase back. However, you don't get it as change in your hands. That amount is added to your MyWorld account. When it reaches $15, it is deposited it into your personal bank account. You can check your balance any time in your "My Profile" on the MyWorld site.

(That's almost like when you were a kid and Mom carried your allowance for you so you wouldn't lose it or waste it impulsively).

From the main website you find many merchants in the directory, who have signed up to honour your loyalty card, and give you instant benefits. These appear in your MyWorld account within 48 hours after your shopping transaction, and are sent to you the following week, as well as the longer-term 'eVouchers.'

Here is a link for you to register (free): Join MyWorld. You will most likely become a smarter and more frugal shopper!

Your myWorld Cashback Card

your Lyoness cashback card in hand

myWorld offers various options for getting your Cashback Card. Once you login to your account at your Cashback Card is available by clicking in your 'My Profile.' From there you can print it out, or save it on your smartphone, and use it digitally at Loyalty Merchants.

Another way, once you are a member (which is ALWAYS FREE), is to login at MyWorld where you will find a constantly growing list of MyWorld Loyalty Merchants near you that offer Cashback Cards branded with their logos. You can ask for a MyWorld Card with the logo of your favorite local store!

3 Kinds of Shoppers

Did you know that we all one or other of three kinds of shoppers?

The MyWorld Loyalty program appeals to all three.
One kind of shopper likes things simple and easy. They want just one card that works everywhere, particularly in tangible stores and shops locally that have a unique substance and smell. For them, the Cash Back card is the answer.

Another kind of shopper likes vouchers and coupons to redeem for bargains, or to use like gift certificates, which they can give to friends. For them, MyWorld has added vouchers to their loyalty program.

The third kind of shopper is savvy and catches on to tech stuff easily. They shop online as naunchantly as they munch on a snack, or stop to fuel up their car. They are likely to use all the features of the MyWorld Loyalty program, including the online shopping features, like, scannable graphics and smart phone apps.

The Different Ways to Use MyWorld

1. Using your MyWorld card (which you can print out from your Profile menu) you may shop at any loyalty merchant in your area or wherever you are, and also online. You will receive both Cashback deposited in your bank account, and Shopping Points.

2. Just login, click on "Shop Online Now!" and find the category of online shops that you want to check out. Do your shopping, and you will also collect Cashback and Shopping Points.

3. Download the Flexible Cashback App, and then do either local shopping in a store, or online, all from your mobile device.

What About the Benefits?

Your benefits from any completed shopping experience is that you get both Cashback and Shopping Points. (unless you opt to have the one rolled into the other).

MyWorld - gives you 5% of the purchase price back. You can use that money for further shopping, or when it reaches $10 have it deposited into your bank account.

Shopping Points - also received with every purchase, which can be redeemed for great deals and incredible discounts.

Shopping online with your MyWorld card number handy, means you can find money-back and other deals 24 hours/7 days a week, and do it from your bed - if you want to! Just remember that to get these discounts and deals you MUST first login to the MyWorld site, click on the link to the store you want to shop at, and go via that link. This way your shopping will be eligible for the cash back, etc. You could also go directly to your favourite online shop, but if you skip the MyWorld site - you lose the benefits and pay full price.

This applies to all the rebate or cash back sites that I refer to on this site - but I've known that so long I sometimes forget that others don't know it yet. You'll rant on yourself if you have to learn the hard way.

Please note that many online shops offer exclusive Extra deals that store-walk-ins don't get. To find out what the current EXTRA Deals are, click on "Get Offers" while you are on the Join MyWorld site.

There are some "coalition programs" where many merchants go together for one loyalty program. MyWorld would be one of these, but it will be hard for the others to keep up with MyWorld.

It is wise though that you join and explore inside for yourself. I keep finding new things each time I get logged in! For example, there is a MyWorld store where you can buy products that have the Cash Back logo and graphics. Huh? Well, just because you LOVE Cash Back so much! But you would have to follow a link to get to that specific site.

Friendship Bonuses

Do you recall I said near the top of this page; In essence, you can do your usual shopping, get money back to spend again, and get Shopping Points for extra gifts you were not expecting! This kind of shopping blesses you three times!

Well! There's a fourth way possible! (Don't know how I forgot that until now).

MyWorld WANTS us to share these benefits with our friends! So don't hold back - eagerly tell all your friends about MyWorld, and if they register, you will be rewarded with a Direct Friendship Bonus of 0.5% every time they make a purchase from a Cash Back loyalty merchant! If those first-invited friends invite their friends, you will get another 0.5% Indirect Friendship Bonus from the purchases of those friends of your Friends!

This referral plan is limited to two levels, but there's nothing to stop you from inviting 300+ of your 'closest friends'. GRIN!!

... and if each of them invites 100-500 friends... Oh my!!

I found this fellow on Youtube who has figured out how this is one of the BEST features of Lyoness (this video is from before the name was changed but the principles still apply) - along with the fact that folks just find it smart to do all their usual shopping with their Lyoness (now MyWorld) card. You might want to hear this man out.... It will surprise you to learn of the potential for some amazing incomes with this rebate plan. :)