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As I have shopped and browsed for more Christian bookstores online, I've started a list of the ones that look best to me, and I'm ready to share that with you. My favourite one gets a special page of course -, but here are some more that may appeal to you for various reasons and become your favourites.

Yes, we are allowed to have more than one favourite Christian bookstore online! If you can afford to shop at dozens or hundreds of stores and can manage all your purchases, then you are worthy of having all that work and responsibility; (to paraphrase an old Low German proverb of my Dad's).

Of course, when I do a search in Google, it tailors my results to serve up Canadian Christian bookstores online first. I live in Canada. But I can force it to show me USA sites too.

Canadian Christian Bookstores Online - originally started as a fund-raising project in Toronto, now it is a large online Christian discount store, with free shipping on orders over $49. - a Family Christian Bookstore online that grew from very small beginnings in 1960, in Guelph, Ontario, to a large complex in Burlington, Ontario, with online book shopping and much more. - is another family-owned business, with Christian books, music, giftware and a coffeehouse, located in Mission, BC., which is in the lower mainland area, so easily accessible from the USA. - the link has changed, so I wonder if the online Christian bookstore version of a church's bookstore in Montreal gave it up, and the domain was purchased by a bookstore in Newton, Kansas, USA. This site says they have been in business as a bookstore for 50 years. Also, the word 'and' is in this domain and it is .net as well as .com.

Many USA Christian Bookstores Online

is she ordering Christian books online - very likely

In today's internet age, we don't have to let national boundaries keep us from shopping at the best sites in the world. Of course the majority of sites selling Christian Books are found in the USA. I'd like to leave the producing and maintaining a list up to the search engines, but I'll name a few that I have found and like. is a family bookstore and publishing business, with a focus on raising godly children, with character-building children's books. This intrigues me and sparked my interest! - a secular/secondhand bookstore, but has Christian books under the Religion category.

You will be able to find many more sites with Christian bookstores online if you just search a bit.

Specifically Bibles

If it is specifically Bibles you are looking for, you can, of course, find them at any of these Christian bookstores online above, that sell Christian books, but I can also refer you to a couple of wholesalers, in case you wish to buy them by the case for distribution. You will get a much reduced rate here. - specializes in low-cost Bibles, with special prices (as low as $1.99) if you order by the case for distribution. They have at least eight different English translations, and they also have the Bible in about 18 other languages. Some of them are bilingual, that is, they will have English on one side of the open Bible, and Spanish or Chinese on the other side. Such Bibles are a great blessing to those learning English as a new language. They can quickly turn to it in their own language to really get the meaning of a passage.

Another thing; you may have your own, or your organization's imprint placed on the Bibles too. - the parent site, has 17 Bibles in various languages online. You may bookmark and read them freely at any time. This is a good tip to pass along to someone who doesn't want to carry a big Bible around, or can't afford to buy one at all.

American Bible Society, - They too, have a large variety of Bibles and Testaments, smaller portions of the Bible for sale, in case lots if you wish, (as low as $1.79/ea Bible), and - they publish the Scriptures in 80 languages!

The above two sites are good, dedicated Bible sources!

More & Deeper on Shopping for Books

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