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There are countless deals for you all over the internet! Just about anyone who has anything to sell wants to show you all the great deals they can offer you. If you are in a hurry to find the latest BIG SALES Quick, click on my Blog (I try to keep that updated). - However, if you've got a minute or two, I'd like to help you learn how to find good, clean deals so you will KNOW you are not buying because of some hype and fancy graphics.

There are dozens upon dozens of websites, (maybe 100s!) that gather up the best deals and want to show them to you. They can be helpful - if you are looking for just that thing now, but they can also tempt you with things you really don't need and can't honestly afford. To avoid temptation and unnecessary purchases, I have one simple piece of advice:

Hunt for Deals JUST When You need them!

By all means you can research and compare the various 'deals' sites, and then bookmark the ones you think will prove the most valuable deals for you. That way you can quickly go check them when you are preparing to shop for a certain item.

I also research some products thoroughly when I'm quite broke - so that I can resist impulse buying - with an aim to understand the range of products out there, what reputations the different models have, and which places have the best deals, and just when. However, there's no point in setting our mind on a certain item at a certain website months in advance, because prices can change. New products can appear, etc.

You can sign up for your favourite stores' email newsletters - but give them a spare webmail address that you don't use for your close friends, family or business work. That way you can just check those emails - the most recent - for the deals and coupon codes that could apply in this shopping venture.

Note, that those email deals are ads to lure you back to their site. If you jump/click every time they dangle one in front of your eyes, you will be the fish frying in their pan in no time. In other words, you will be broke and your budget a joke.

Besides all that, it happens too often, that the special deal you read about, costs more, when you see through the fluff - than the regular price for the item you want. You are actually better off shopping for the best deals for you, (as I describe often all over this website), at the time you are about ready to buy. Then you will get to see the most current deals and be able to compare objectively between stores and product-models.

Of course, if you are in a hurry, it helps to have your deal-finding and research tools handy, and to know what steps to take.

A Fruggle Shopper's Steps to Better Deals

  • Bookmark some good, reliable deals reporting sites, such as the Rebate Portal sites; CashBackWorld, Rakuten, and/or Great Canadian Rebate.
  • Bookmark (set as a Favourite) the sites where you have good experiences in shopping
  • Subscribe to newsletters from your favourite store sites - but use a spare email address
  • Use that email when purchasing at any site, as they will automatically add it to their mailing list.

When Planning to Buy 'Something'

  • Do a quick search on those 'Deals for you' sites, which you bookmarked
  • Check/skim though newsletter emails, deleting any you don't need, or out of date, to see if there's a deal or coupon for this item
  • Do a web search - just in case there is another site that has a better unadvertised deal
  • Big ticket items: read the contract when you are ready to sign - you may only be allowed to cancel within a very short period
  • The Best Before Date on perishables is only a guideline. You may be able to use it if not planning to hoard it.

Save Money

  • By NOT constantly watching daily deals, flyers, etc., when you are trying NOT to spend
  • Don't give out your email address in stores when they ask - they don't NEED it; they want to send you ads
  • Don't LIKE retailers/stores on Facebook; they'll return the favour with lots of Ads!
  • Or allow only until you have bought what you're looking for; then unsubscribe from newsletters, or "unLIKE" on FB

My Suggestions/Recommendations

Having said all the above, I suggest that you bookmark this site's page: particularly my blog - for a quick reference to the best deals that I see around. I try to be an ethical, and thorough shopper myself, and give sites a fairly complete exploration and evaluation before I shop there. So I think you can trust my judgment. Now, I am human and make mistakes at times. But I'm quick to apologize and set up warnings when I see trouble. If you need a guide you can trust until you have set up your own discernment processes, and your list of safe products, programs and places to shop online, then I'm offering to be that guide.

Special, Topical Store Pages

I confess, I may benefit with an affiliate commission if you shop on my special affiliate link pages. But I've put them here, because they can be a huge time saver for you. Don't use them unless they work for you, but as a convenience, I also offer links to various Store sites that I have set up as an affiliate;

Groceries at Amazon

Color of Money (Accounting book)

Best Deals by Seasons

HOT! Time-sensitive Deals

Affilate merchants are eager to have me pass on their best current deals for you, but often they are time-sensitive deals. Sometimes their special offer or deal is only for a day or two - maybe a week or, sometimes a month. I was posting these deals for you here for a while, but it has taken so much time that I've decided to post the deals on the blog instead. You may want to bookmark the blog, or enter this URL into your RSS feedreader so that here when you are ready to go shopping online for something in particular you can find out if you are in time for a super good deal!

I suggest you bookmark my blog, or enter that link into your Feedreader for the fastest access to these HOT deals. (An ezine/email newsletter with hot deals may be in the future, when I've finished some big projects).

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