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Great Canadian Rebates

Great Canadian Rebates serves Canadians with cash back/rebate stores that are either in Canada or willing to ship to a Canadian address.

We Canadians tend to think of ourselves as world citizens. We shop over the border south of us with fair ease, but we do run into online shops that refuse to ship outside of the contingious United States. That is especially frustrating when we have already put items into their shopping cart, and then discover that they don't recognize our postal code, or will not complete our transaction.

The Great Canadian Rebates site has collected over 700 online stores already, and I'm sure the number shall only grow. If you want to explore this site, just go to Great Canadian Rebates.

How to Use Great Canadian Rebates

All you need is your email address to register, and choose your password. (When I signed up, they put $2 into my new account just for signing up. I can't see that it is done now... sorry).

When you want to do your online shopping, just login to your Great Canadian Rebates first, and make sure your email address is showing at the top of the browser screen. That proves you are logged in. Find your favourite merchant site, or explore for a new one. This applies too, if you want to fill out an application for a travel ticket or discount.

As they point out in the Help section, it is important that once you have clicked to the online store where you want to shop, you do not wander off from there to look at other stores before you checkout. If you have done that (as a good, frugal researching shopper might), then make sure to go back into and click on the link to that shopping site again, to make sure your computer is getting the coded cookie.

Great Canadian Rebates updates their coupons and sales every day. That's to our advantage. What's more, in some cases you can combine the discount on the coupon with the general rebate deal with that online store for a better deal!

You'll get cash back rebates every other month (depending on your purchases) by cheque or deposited into your PayPal account. Look for the FAQ link after you click on the "help" link (top-far right corner), where you will find some tables showing when the payday is for certain periods of the year.

Notes from Great Canadian Rebates:

You cannot place your order over the phone. There is no way of tracking that. (Hmm... they must mean a land-line. You should be able to use your phone as your web device and visit first, then on to the store).

Coupon codes from other websites will not work here either.

(Sigh!) I don't like this, but we need to turn "Ad blockers" off before clicking the link. Guess we have to see their ads, but I'm afraid I'll forget to turn the blocker back on afterwards.

You can earn a 15% referral bonus on the rebates earned of anyone you have brought into Great Canadian Rebates as a member.

All rebates and bonuses are converted to Canadian dollars before they are paid to Canadians. Americans will get it in US dollars.

Examples of Sales and Deals

I'm tempted to show you some examples of the sales and deals you would learn about in a weekly email. Things you would not likely find out otherwise! But that will out of date by the weekend.


At this point I can only say that is is a good idea, and I trust the services will match.

The same cautions as mentioned on the bottom of Get Cash Back apply here, of course.

Are you a Canadian? Do you want to check it out? Here's my link; be my guest:

Your observations are just as valid. Why don't you share your experiences and opinions about this cash-back site? I'm sure there are people who hesitate to use Great Canadian Rebates, as well as other cash-back sites until they see how the bolder people have liked it.

If you have an experience with rebate portal sites to describe, click over to the get cash back page to write it up in more detail. You will be helping others for sure! So thank you!

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