Grocery Shopping Online
at Amazon

You can go grocery shopping online at Amazon from anywhere in the USA or even other parts of the world. Keep in mind that if you are further away, you may want to stick to the non-perishables in your orders. A few categories are suggested here, but you can find much more as you browse further on the Amazon site.

If you have a baby it is not always easy to go shopping in a local store. Look at the ease, however, at which you can get your supplies here. If you are too busy to stock the kitchen for breakfast foods, so that other family members can eat and run off to their schools, or duties after you have left the house, you can also stock up by doing your grocery shopping online at Amazon. Make sure that ingredients for a quick dinner or supper at the end of the day are at hand too, all because . . . . you went grocery shopping online at Amazon! This could be a good habit to form, couldn't it?

Some people are convinced that Amazon has the lowest price on just about anything you wish to buy, so grocery shopping online at Amazon should be a given. Others have done comparison studies and found that it varies; for some items, a store ike WalMart or Safeway will have lower prices, and in others Amazon has them. The problem is that you have to travel to a local WalMart or Safeway to get these items, and you can order from Amazon from any regular mailing address (not a post box) - even in a small rural village. So Amazon offers convenience.

Canadians are especially interested in online grocery shopping because of our long, cold winters. For many seniors and handicappped people, and countless others who would love the convenience - the idea of ordering groceries delivered to the door is very appealing.

However, it is a Big Country - with lots of empty spaces between the big cities, so it is a challenge. Then I read a news item that is making a big effort to provide more groceries to Canadians, and this is causing other large grocery chains to look at how to make this feasible.

I say "Perk Up, friends!" Such competition will be good for us in the long run. Give grocery shopping online at Amazon, and other stores a good chance, and let them know what you like and don't like. This will help the cause!

Online Shopping Guide:

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