shopping for groceries online

Inabuggy - (Note: the name change from InstaBuggy to InaBuggy). This is not a grocery chain, but a shopping service that uses the grocery stores already in your area. You choose your groceries from their website, and pay online.

Your order goes immediately to their in-store pickers at their various partnering grocers. They are quickly packed and ready for the logistical delivery team. This allows them to say that they CAN, in most cases deliver your groceries to your door - or where you wish - within an hour. That is wonderful!

What is more, their fee for service gets smaller as your grocery order gets larger, and is free for an order of $80 or more. Now, that's a nice touch, isn't it? [See below for an over the top treat!]

InaBuggy has been shopping for downtown Toronto, and hustling the carts full of groceries to their customers for just a short while, and are taking off like crazy. Hundreds of users there are ordering on a weekly basis, and business is growing at about 200% each month. Over this summer (2015) they have expanded to all of Greater Toronto - which means some of the nearby cities are included now!

That's not all, they are forming new partnerships with more grocery chains like FreshCo, Sobey's Valu-Mart, and more are in the works. Including such as well-known organic farms. Already they have over 10,000 items in their database with most of these stores. That means a fantastic selection for the users.

InaBuggy is launching shortly in Calgary, Vancouver and Ottawa too! It appears they have discovered a plan that is easy to replicate in just about any location. If they have enough smart people in management, it should only be a matter of time until this service is common place all over Canada!

older gentleman able to order groceries online

Doesn't that make you want to cheer?! I feel like it because I know from this website's visitors how much people want this kind of service. Canadians more than anyone else.

Keep your eyes and ears open in your area, so you can try out InaBuggy, as soon as they advertise their service. You are likely to be a loyal customer too in no time flat!

Just think of the conveniences: saving time, wear on your vehicle, no going from one store to another until you find all your items, and help to refrain from impulse buying . . . (Well... you might still have that habit with online shopping too). Also, if you start dinner early enough and find some ingredients missing, you could order them and have them in time to make the meal. Just supposing. It is really smarter to make a master list and do all your grocery shopping for the next week or two at once.

If you like to check out for yourself, which I recommend, visit their website and read all over it, and in particular, the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

Watch for them on Social Media too!

P.S. Julian, the CEO at Inabuggy, has offered a coupon code for anyone who reads this invitation. You can get 10% OFF your next grocery bill on their website, by entering Save Time in the Redemption portion of the checkout form. The 10% discount will be applied instantly to your bill. Sounds like a great way to start a relationship, I think! Remember, they deliver in Greater Toronto now, and in Ottawa and Calgary very soon.]

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