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Like to see your kids in clever and cute outfits? Then you'll love Kidorable Kids Clothes! Your kids have so much fun with towels that act as costume capes and turn them into characters from their favourite books and TV shows.

Or with the rainboots and umbrellas that are decorated like play outfits too. Some let them make-believe they are a ladybug, a cat, or a dragon, and even a knight in shining armour.

Such variety! Your kids can look like and be a bumble bee, a butterfly, a ballerina, or a mermaid. Let's not forget the fireman pieces. These matching outfit pieces include sturdy water-proof boots, a raincoat and an umbrella. (These themes carry through on some of the other clothing options too at the Kidorable kids clothing site).

So far I've just hinted at the bath towels and the rain wear. There's so much more at Kidorable!

The socks and footwear items are so cute. (The Smartwool socks I inherited from Dad are my favourite in our cold winters). Here, Kidorable Kids clothes includes Smartwool socks for the babies and kids up to about 11 years of age. I'm impressed!

In the Kidorable hats section those floral girls' beret's catch my eye! Oh my! They look like a large flower on the side of their head.

Both boys and girls winter caps and hats are great; I can't help but stop to stare at the girls' pink poodle and white lamb hats. How clever of Kidorable!

Even if you don't have winter where you live, meaning your kids don't really need fleece underwear and ski suits and warm pants and parkas,- you may just want to plan a ski trip so you can get these outfits for your kids.

Or - if you don't have kids, buy them for someone else's kids. You'll be their Favourite Auntie or Uncle! Probably for life. :)

Let's Get Practical

I confess, I've just enjoyed a leisurely browse on the Kidorable kifd clothing website, where the umbrellas have cleverly shaped handles, and the raincoats have amazing prints on the inside as well as costume details like alligator trims, or spiderman lines, etc. ... but it is time to get practical.

First of all, I don't have kids of my own, but my nieces and nephews do. I need to let them know about these kidorable kids clothing pieces.

On this site I'm also looking out for visitors like you, who need some assistance with their online shopping. I'm assuming you may be a parent, but not so rich that money is no object. You need to be frugal and wise - even when you land on a site full of cuteness and clever designs. So here's some suggestions from my more practical side;

1. Explore and become familiar with the products on this Kidorable kids' clothing site - (or any other kids' clothing site, you like).

2. Then hunt for the clearance page. In this case, the discount coupons come to those who sign up for their email newsletter. They are not so likely to post them on the site, but their subscribers and past customers will receive coupon codes to enter when they check out with their shopping cart, and that's when your discounts show up!

3. When you discover deals like this, think ahead, work with your long-range budget, and decide whether you can take two at this good price, but make the second one in a larger size so that your kid can enjoy it a year or two from now. If the discount is 50% off, consider it a 2 for the price of one.

4. Consider buying these extra cute or fun kidorable kids clothing, and very special designer pieces just for special events or places. Buy them used clothing for play or ordinary days at home. That will help stretch your budget for a few finer things like these outfits.

5. Notice too, that the quality of Kidorable kids clothing is so good that your child will out grow them before they wear them out. So learn to sell the usesd clothing at good places, to rebate your budget for your kids' wardrobes.

6. Ultimately, if you plan how much to spend each year or season on each child's clothing, and then bookmark some good sites, where you know the prices and quality are good, and visit them on some regular routine way, or subscribe to their emails, then you can put off your buying sprees for the times of best prices. You can buy ahead, and if you teach them (and yourself) how to take good care of the clothes, you can resell the kids' clothes when they out grow them.

In a year or two your friends will be asking you for shopping tips, and where to find the best dealsfor kids' clothing.

One more tip! Enter each child that you shop for in the Kidorable Birthday database. Then, about 30 days before their special date, you will receive a free gift (clothing, maybe?) They promise that it will make your child - and you, very happy!

By the way, if you know someone who owns a kids' clothing store near you, you should tip them off about signing up at Kidorable to carry this line of clothing. Then you'd have them really close by so your child can try them on and help decide which costume type they love best.

At the very least, you should go have a look for yourself. You'll have a fun time with your imagination at Kidorable!

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