Sephra Chocolates

You love chocolate! You know you do!

So you will love the Sephra Chocolates Fountains, great for parties - where you can just let the chocolate flow and all your guests can have as much as they would like.

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Things to Notice About Sephra Chocolates

Sephra is a well-known name in chocolates, but in case you have not heard of them before, here's some basic facts.

Sephra both rents and sells their fine stainless steel chocolate fountains. If you are not sure if you would use one enough to own it, why not rent it a time or two first?

They have several sizes in the fountains, so don't wait until you can afford to throw a big bash or party. You can rent the smallest one for an intimate fondue type of party, to dip strawberries and the like.

Sephra provides only the richest, smoothest Belgian chocolate, so there will be no lumps or surprises. It will just flow like silky milk over those fountain rims.

Not just chocolate fountains; Sephra also offers all you need to make hand-dipped chocolate candies, including moulds, gift boxes, sticks, and gift bags. You could make a batch of wonderful gifts!

Sephra has a squeeze bottle to use when you want to "write" in chocolate on a cake, or on other treats.

Sephra Chocolates has patented their fountain design, which is so simple anyone can assemble a fountain in a minute. This means all competitors have to come up with a less perfect design; they cannot copy this one.

If you have a related business where it would be profitable to offer a chocolate fountain, or chocolate dipped treats, you could make Sephra your supplier for the resources you need.

Should you get weary of chocolate, (it might happen!) - you can check the recipes page on for some very clever and original recipes for other fountains, or dips and candies you can make with your Sephra chocolate resources. You will be surprised! I guarantee it!

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