Advantages of Shopping Online

You probably know someone who grumbles that there are NO advantages of shopping online, but you are not sure how to respond? Do you need to be convinced yourself?

Let me arm you with a whole bunch of advantages of shopping online!

(See below this list where you can enter your most FAVourite advantages!)

Advantages of Shopping Online

advantage of shopping online 1Much broader selections available to us - order from exotic countries if you can communicate and arrange shipping.

advantage of shopping online 2By smart research - we can find the exact items we need and want - or even something better than we had in mind!

advantage of shopping online 3By smart research, and price comparison sites, we can find the very best prices possible.

advantage of shopping online 4No high pressure sales pitches from attendants that hound you to buy their recommendations.

advantage of shopping online 5No driving, parking expenses or bother with taxis, (a boon for the handicapped or frail, or elderly!)

advantage of shopping online 6Online shops are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Shop at night if you like, or when it's convenient for you.

advantage of shopping online 7You can find exceptional warehouse and liquidation sales online that are not in your locale.

advantage of shopping online  10Some stores' specials are ONLY available from their online shopping site.

advantage of shopping online 8Actual purchase time happens in a matter of minutes, no standing in line.

advantage of shopping online 9No embrassment if you change your mind at the last moment. No one is watching.

advantage of shopping online 11Some stores offer tracking of your purchase, so you can follow it (online) to your door.

advantage of shopping online 12Many online merchants offer free email notification of their sales. No need to comb the malls for good sales.

advantage of shopping online 13More online stores now have "live" attendants to answer your questions by chat

advantage of shopping online 14Some sites waive taxes and shipping costs to win you as a regular customer (See? it pays to check around).

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advantage of shopping online 15Digital purchases such as software, e-books, graphics - can be downloaded and used immediately. No delays.

advantage of shopping online 16Send gifts anywhere, and have them shipped directly from the online store - no standing in line at the post office.

advantage of shopping online 17Very little pressure to buy, depending on how much site banners and popups and emails bother you.

advantage of shopping online 18Even unmentionable personal items can be purchased discretely, with no one watching you.

Online Shopping Guide:

1. Sign up for two or three Rebate Shopping portals like Ebates, and if in Canada at Great Canadian Rebates
2. Research online the product(s) you need or want.
3. When you find the site to shop at, switch to another tab and login to your rebate portal, to see which has that store on their list, with the best discount. (eg. 10% back is better than 4% or 2%).
4. Click from the best rebate portal (while logged in) to the store of your choice and make your purchase.
5. About 6 weeks later, you'll get money back!

What do you love best about shopping online?

Have you discovered some other advantages online shopping not mentioned? Would you share those with us? I will use the best ones here, giving you credit.

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Let's G---o   -S---h---o---p---p---i---n---g!
It is not that hard; you CAN shop securely online, and have fun saving too!

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