Barb Boudreau

by barb

Glebe Metro Ottawa.
I have been using their online ordering service for several months. i do a little grocery shopping on my own but due to illness it is extremely fatiguing,etc plus I'm in a wheelchair.

This is a regular Metro grocery store that has been a fixture in the Glebe neighbourhood for decades. I shopped there when i was in university in the 70's & I think then it was IGA. Then it was a Loeb grocery store.

The ordering sometimes can be lengthy- but I do have problems with arm strength so it might be that too. They have the same items as you would find in their store- which is part of the Metro chain.

The only problem I've had is when I've ordered something & wasn't attentive. eg. ordered laundry detergent but didnt click on the HE one. Ordered the wrong coffee size. Thought i was ordering a bag of fruit but got 1 piece of fruit.

They do have a space for open comments at the end in case you want to order something & couldn't find it in their product list. You have to make sure you give as much detail as possible when you do that. Many times I've ordered items that happen to be on sale & I get it for the sale price.

Overall I would have to say it's been a Godsend.

I pay by debit- no cash payments allowed. Safer for the delivery person- not carrying cash.

LOVE it. Highly recommend it. The delivery people are always nice. Delivery fee $11.95 is well worth. I also tip the delivery person. still worth it to me.

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Sep 11, 2014
Good review of Glebe Metro, Ottawa
by: Ruth

Thanks, Barb!
That is so encouraging. I'm glad to hear from someone who is using home delivery of groceries and finding that it works fairly well.

I'm sure after a while those little errors in ordering don't happen so much any more. We all learn as we go along. In fact, we remember the lessons we learn from our mistakes better than if someone gives us a list of tips or instructions, right?

I hope others will try Glebe Metro in Ottawa too, for their grocery delivery. I do believe it is catching on in many places, but there are still many folks who are not aware that it's possible.

Blessings & Thanks,

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