Dorm Room Pantry

A pantry is a small room or cupboard, where you keep your stash of food supplies. So a dorm room pantry would be that corner of your room where you keep your cache of food. Problem is - usually that is just snacking sweets and chips, and your pop, right? Not a very healthy pantry, eh?

You may have already noticed that with that junk food diet, your skin is breaking out in acne, your energy level jumps up and down like a yo-yo, and you are probably hungry when you should be studying. Are you ready to turn your "dorm room pantry" into a little haven of nourishing, healthy meals at bargain rates, and all without having to turn into a trained chef?

I can show you how to upgrade your dorm room pantry in a few simple steps. They don't require a fridge or stove, but will give you fresh, healthy meals in minutes. Furthermore, this will be cheaper in the long run than the junk food genre.

Step 1 - Go online and order the quantities you can afford of the following;
Freeze-dried entrees (great selections!)
Small pop-top cans of fruit, and or the freeze-dried fruit packages
Cans of 100% vegetable juice, like V8 or fruit juices (you can get these in the nearest grocery store too).
Packages of walnuts and other nuts for omega-3 oils, which are critical for your health
Apples for antioxidants
75% dark chocolate cacao bars (yes, treats that are good for you!)

Also get a small electric pot or coffee maker to heat water.

Step 2 - All you need to prepare these meals is pour hot water into a good-sized cereal bowl, pour in the contents of a freeze-dried meal-pouch, stir, wait a few minutes, and you have hot meals whenever you wish!

Step 3 - Put the empty mylar pouch into the garbage and wash any cutlery or dishes you used. Put them away in your dorm room pantry, and you are done.

If you skip meals or eat unbalanced meals your productivity will drop by about 25%. It doesn't really make your grocery money go further. These gourmet meals can be a bit more than $2 a meal on average. Can you have a real meal at a fast food restaurant for that price? Not often.

Depriving yourself of sleep is not wise either. To learn well you need a a bright and nourished mind and body. Eating regularly, and healthy food - especially when it tastes great and is quick and easy to prepare makes you a truly smart college student!


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