Grocery Gateway

I find Grocery Gateway's billing methods quite questionable. When you place your order they authorize themselves to double bill your credit card. They say that it allows you to add to your order before the deadline.

I ordered $100 worth was billed $200, I added another $50 to my order, & my credit card was then billed an additional $100. For a $150 Visa order, my credit card was billed $300. Visa assured me that it was definitely NOT a hold as Gateway said it was and it was absolutely an actual purchase amount.

It remains on hold for 7 days after your groceries have arrived. After 7 days your Visa card is revised to the proper purchase amount. Gateway always uses this strange practice.

I don't authorize this method & therefore I stopped using them. Otherwise, their service & groceries are perfect.

Ruth's comment:
Strange! I would NOT like this either. Does anyone know if this is a practice for other online grocers?

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