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Online Shopping Guides is especially for you if you are reluctant, or new to shopping online; I want to show you that it is not that hard, and you CAN shop securely online. You may just need some simple steps, (and maybe some hand-holding), as you learn to shop online safely and smartly. is your friendly online guide.

I explain things in easy-to-follow directions, and provide mature observations and recommendations on sites and products - coming from the perspective of a frugal and discerning shopper with strong ethical principles.

Most shopping sites, including those that compare products' prices, aim to make you a customer. I certainly don't want to discourage you from buying online. Hey, it's fun, and can even be profitable. I also have some things to recommend to you. But I want to help you mind your manners, ethics, and budget, as well as to shop securely and make the smartest purchases.

Coming from a poor Mennonite family on the Canadian prairies, with a Mom who was sickly most of my life, and a Dad who could only get labourer jobs, I have learned to be frugal and resourceful and creative about getting the things I needed or wanted. Now I make my living on the internet and find I can apply those habits and principles even here to get ahead.

The internet seems scary at first because it appears to be so impersonal, so filled with technological tricks - (that is, things happen so quickly), and where are all those people you are used to dealing with face to face in the offline world?

Guess what! They are here too, and if you learn to find the people behind a shopping site, - or at least find evidence they are there - you will become much more comfortable shopping online. In the end your little village (your small circle of contacts) opens up to a huge international city where anyone and everyone can become someone you know. Not necessarily trust, mind you. Trust is built over time.

Just as in your home-town area, you know enough to keep away from certain 'tough streets' and to discern who is safe to talk to and do business with, so you can learn the skills to be that discerning on the internet too. I should know; I first tip-toed nervously onto the internet in January of 1999. After a few months my shoulders relaxed and I felt at home in this much larger world. But I know my experiences have been fairly good because I brought my manners, my wits, my Christian ethics and my frugal shopping habits with me. There's still always more to learn, but I think I'm a suitable online shopping Guide for you.

Would you like to learn from me and my Online Shopping Guides here?

Great! Thanks! Let's go on, then.

Good Reasons for Shopping Online

The convenience!

The world-wide selection!

The savings!

Comparison shopping can be more thorough

Avoid physical exhaustion or burning feet

Great convenience if you are handicapped

Save gas and wear on vehicle - or bus tickets and transfers - or (gasp!) expensive taxi fares!

No embarrassment if you change your mind at the last minute!

We can go in several directions. Where would you like to explore first?

7 Simple Steps for Shopping Online:

You will find a number of helpful online shopping guides and useful information, and good links on this site, but if we were to boil it down to the most basic outline for those who are brand new to shopping on the internet, then these 7 Steps would be a condensed online shopping guide;

1. Browse or search well for what you want to buy.

2. Decide on which online store to use - the hardest part!

3. Make sure it is the BEST buy and at a SECURE online store.

4. Click your chosen item(s) and click on the shopping cart button to fill out form with your payment information.

5. Click "Checkout" button, then wait... a bit

6. When your purchase is acknowledged, print out your receipt as shown on the screen.

7. Download the item, if it was a digital purchase, OR wait a few days for delivery of hard goods items.

It really boils down to such very simple steps. But we go into much more detail on this site! It can get to be so much fun, and oh-- the money you can save! Even EARN!

Just as you have discovered certain stores or malls in your city, or one near you, and you keep going back because you usually have success shopping there, so also, in the online world there are malls with unique features. Because the world is able to come into their doors online - these online shops have the volume in sales advantage. They can offer far more selection at far better prices.

Still Reluctant to Shop Online?

There are two main reasons you might hesitate - even be reluctant to shop online:

1. You may be new to computers and feel you don't understand the technology.

2. You may be afraid of being ripped off by strangers.

It's true. Naive people do lose money online! But you don't have to.

Both reasons imply a lack of knowledge. This little manual (online shopping guides site) will show you how SIMPLE it is to shop online, but how to do it SAFELY.

There are precautions to take, and I can demystify the process for you with my online shopping guides.

Besides, you could shop smarter and save money on every purchase, and even make some money back! Want to see?

I'll be happy to show you!

My Most Basic Online Shopping Guides

More about the basics of shopping online.

More about secure online shopping.

Research First! - how to look for and find products and stores online.

Handling the payments and money side of things.

How to Get Cash BACK! when you shop online.

Grocery shopping from home is one kind of online shopping.

Stores & Shops - how to find good, reliable stores that carry what you are looking for now.

Comparison Shopping - the art of surveying the products at different sites, and deciding on the best product for your purchase.

What I shop for: Prescription Eyeglasses, Oasis, RAM, Toner cartridges etc.

Kinds of Products to Shop for Online: Groceries, Books, etc., and Where to Find Deals.

If you get to be a Power Shopper - you may want to make a business of it.

Online Shopping Guide:

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