Need Shopping Money?

ways to get some shopping money

Do you need shopping money? Or at least more of it?

Don't we all?

How much shopping money do you need? How often would you need that amount? How badly do you want that shopping money?

For years there have been some people (women, according to many jokes), who have loved shopping as if there is no tomorrow (read: no bills due). Now, with the way online shopping is catching on, the desire - okay, the very craving to shop is much much greater!

(I'll restrain myself from lecturing on self-control).

There are always many of us who need shopping money for our most basic living expenses. Which, of course, involves shopping. It doesn't matter if it is in a convenience store, a mall, or online with products from around world at our finger-tips. Plenty of us are constantly engaged in looking for ways to raise more shopping money - preferable as a continuing stream of income - so that we can buy the things we feel we need to have.

I've been as alert as anyone for such a source of shopping money in an ethical and honest way. (I like to give it away too!) There are just a few basic methods, as others have pointed out, for gaining more money;
1. Earn it by hard labour at a paying job
2. Sell what you have at hand, or what you can make
3. Receive gifts of money, like an inheritance
or, 4. Investing money and/or time wisely in something that pays back the rest of your life.

You can see the limitations of the first three methods, right? There's a limit to the hours a human can work, or how many widgets you can create in your waking hours. Others are either greedy, or simply don't have money to give you. So... you still need shopping money, right?

There is some potential in the fourth one - IF you can find the right money-making opportunity. I believe there are a few really good ideas out there that truly work right. No, not necessarily networking, though that's a possibility.

I'm talking about a website that draws in visitors because of it's excellent information, but also loaded with coded affliate links so that when these visitors click through those links and end up buying the recommended products, you get a commission. Once built, such a webpage can continue to bring you an income indefinitely. (Ah-ha! Shopping money at last!)

If you have not heard of this before, you will want to see some case-studies to better grasp how it is done. Or, take the Video Tour!

See? There is another way to get your downline, without having to personally talk 'friends and relatives' into signing up. This particular way is not for the lazy but you don't have to do any "selling." You do have to invest some brain-power, motivation, and time. If you think you'd have the patience and persistence to work this plan for a while, then down the road - you could have some shopping money come in. The tap would dribble at first, but then with time and further tending it will become a steady stream, big enough to meet your needed shopping money.

There is a learning curve ahead - are you afraid to learn and try new things? If you are, I'm afraid this is not for you. It's not a freebie, getting something for nothing - with no effort on your part. If you hope to get something for nothing, you are back to Option 3; keep waiting. And chaff because you NEED shopping money!

We have to invest some money and effort to earn the income, and the thing we create to sell is a persuasive web page like this one, or a whole website, that convinces people the product we recommend is a great idea for them.

The clever part is that once we've created such a page it can keep selling over and over again. Time is no longer a limitation, nor on how many widgets we can produce while we are awake.

The main hurdle to overcome is that you must learn this skill, and actually produce such web page(s). It's do-able, but you have to commit to learning and doing it.

In fact, once you have this skill you can use it to produce any number of effective, well-written pages that will do all your recruiting and inviting for you!

Back up to how you need shopping money. How much do you really need? How often would you need that amount of money? How badly do you want that shopping money? Are you willing to learn new skills to get it?

Let Me at That Shopping Money!

If you are really impatient to learn more about it, I suggest you go to Imagine Visitors Building Your Business and read everything you can there.

I've found that well-written words on a website can find and recruit - or invite - many more than I can do in my personal contacts.

I've tried building a generic or free site and then waited forever for anyone to find the page and sign up from it. That is, until I discovered the tremendous power under the hood of the SiteBuildIt! (SBI) system. Subscribe to SBI for your next site, and follow the training in the videos and Action Guide manual. You'll end up with a really effective site, that gets more and more traffic/visitors! (Like 100s and 1000s per day!) Even if you have to neglect it later on for a while.

Would such an affiliate site actually make any decent shopping money for you?

Not instantly. But if you are not afraid of the work, and learn to enjoy it, you'll find, like many other SBI-ers, that you eventually win the prize - the funds and freedom to carry out your dreams.

Maybe there are things that would be of far more worth to you than your need for shopping money? This works for any kind of goals!

I should add that you can do this while you are still working your old Job, or if you go into a small business for yourself. On this site I suggest a simple little idea: start a personal shopper business, where you go shopping - online or in person - on behalf of some clients. Something like that would work very well with this SBI web business idea!

Now let me just ask one favour of you. Would you go look over everything on SiteBuildIt! site and honestly weigh the pros and cons? For sure, I don't want you to sign up under pressure. But it is my own habit to check out something that comes highly recommended and to discern for myself, in my own heart, if it sounds true and fair and like a worthwhile venture. I would be pleased to have you get in touch with me to tell me your assessment. If I have left out something important here, though I've focused on certain aspects I think are crucial, I'd like to know about it so I can correct it.

Thank you so very much, for reading through this page. I'm afraid it has been rather long, hasn't it?

Blessings on you!
Ruth Marlene Friesen

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