Pathetic! (Lack of Grocery Delivery Services)

by Terry
(Edmonton, Alberta)

Save-on doesn't deliver to my neighborhood, Safeway only delivers flowers, so that basically leaves the Chinese supermarket Lucky 97 which has limited Western food and is only two blocks from here.

During the worst of my frequent bouts of depression I can't handle being around people. Crowds don't bother me, its the one-on-one I can't handle and it takes all that I have in me just to ask my neighbour to pick something up for me.

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Apr 20, 2018
Delivery Service in Edmonton - Given up!?
by: Ruth

I'm sorry, Terry,
I don't know how I missed seeing your message here.

I just had another one from Cheryl in Edmonton, who has a very similar complaint.

Maybe I can ask you the same question I asked her, do you have a Superstore there? Sounds like a Duh question, eh?

Here in Saskatoon they have begun a "Click & Collect" service. That means you can place your order online, or by phone, and then go pick it up later, or send someone else to pick it up for you.

However, I really feel there is a real opportunity for a small business for some enterprising entrepreneur. I've even posted some sample business forms they could create or print out to use if they started a shopping service. Question is, what would people like you be willing to pay for such a service?

Oh, I just remembered! There is a man in Edmonton who started up a shopping and delivery service. We should check to see if he is still doing that.

Oh-no! I just found my write up on him at the bottom of this page; and when I clicked the link to his site, it turns out to be a shoe store now. He must have given up!

Folks, help us out by letting us know when you find a good delivery service, or if you are starting one up. I'll be glad to announce your business on this site.


May 23, 2017
Options when you need Grocery Delivery
by: Ruth

I'm sorry for the lack of services you have been able to find. I've considered the handicapped before, but I guess - forgot about the depressed who can't get out to shop.

I see however, that you are in Edmonton, and I do know of a Delivery service you may not be aware of.
Stephan Zeidler, of WeGoShop, ( is available to shop for you in whatever stores you ask him to. I'm assuming he is still in business.

I understand Superstore now allows you to place orders online and just drop by to pick your order up. I haven't studied their plan yet, but that might work.

I think we'll have to ask visitors here to let us know if they offer shopping services, or know of anyone who does, and in what areas.

I'm on a book project right now, but I should plan to do fresh research, and find these places, as this problem is one I heard about most often on this site.

Terry, here's hoping you feel better soon, and that you'll soon discover a suitable grocery delivery service.

Blessings & Thanks,

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