Paying Online

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Paying online for your purchases is the part that most scares newcomers to the internet. You may have been window-shopping online and surfing for a long time, but then you find something you really want to buy. Now you are ready to bite on your nerve, and learn how to pay for it at some particular site's checkout.

Secure Shopping Online

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I've got good news! Paying online isn't that hard at all. There's a few things to know to watch for so that your payment will be secure. You don't want some unscrupulous robot scooping up your credit card number and a human going on a spending spree with it, or taking on your identity. But if you are conscientious about those things, you can relax and enjoy shopping sensibly. Here's more information about secure shopping online.

Methods of Paying Online

The most obvious, most often-used method of paying is by credit card. But if you don't have a credit card, you are not banned from shopping online. There are other options that work great too.

Let me name some ways to pay online without a credit card;
Some Debit cards can be used online just like a credit card. Personally, I've been doing it for a couple of decades already, and rarely run into a snag. I think of my Global Payment Card - by Mastercard, as my checkbook, both offline in local stores, and online. Just remember that the money has to be in your account when you use your debit card. You can't charge the purchase to it and expect to pay it later.

Gift Cards - are a little like a debit card too. They are pre-loaded with a certain amount of money, and can be used onlilne like a debit card at most sites, but you must remember that your purchase has to be less than the amount loaded into the gift card.

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PayPal - Millions of people use a third-party payment processor, like PayPal. It is free to open an account there, but it may take a few days to register your bank account with them. (It could be a credit card too, if you had one). Then you can go shopping online, and where there is a PayPal "BUY" button, you can click it, and go to another intermediate page where you login into your PayPal account, and pay for the purchase with money that is drawn up out of your bank account. The merchant never gets to see where your account is - only that through PayPal you paid for your purchase(s).

PayPal has strict rules so that members can't abuse the system, but this has got some people into trouble and their PayPal account is frozen. This has given rise to other third-party payment processors. I can't vouch for them all since I haven't tried them.

What IF Something Goes Wrong?

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I can't say that NOTHING ever goes wrong with paying online for a purchase, but there are steps to take to sort the matter out. I call it trouble-shooting the online invoice. Just keep yourself cool and calm and go about these steps, expecting to get help and to get it resolved to your satisfaction.