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Signs of a great need for a personal grocery shopper are showing up in many places. I'm too busy right now to become a personal grocery shopper, but it occurs to me that if I spelled out here how I would go about it, someone else may take up this idea and run with it. Is that you?

Who Needs a Personal Grocery Shopper?

People who are just too busy - may have serveral jobs, or jobs that crowd into their personal margins.

They may have small children and find that shopping is crazy time if they take them along!

Some are handicapped, and it too challenging, or they are too weak, easily exhausted.

This might apply to the elderly, or those with the early stages of dementia.

Some people simply HATE grocery shopping!

Others are ready to admit that they don't know how to do it well, or they just end up buying junk food.

What Makes a Suitable Personal Grocery Shopper?

What would it take for you or me to become a personal grocery shopper? I think certain qualities are called for;

Considerate of others
Responsible to complete tasks
Willing to go the extra mile when necessary (both figuratively and practically)

Where to Begin

Before I would commit myself to make this a new job or business or career move, I would do some detective work and see what kind of opportunities are out there. What standards or goals would I have to set to get anywhere.

I would check out the grocery stories in the area where I would expect to do this, and see if they have personal shoppers and how busy do they keep them. They would be my competition. Is there room for me to work too? Or, would they be relieved to let me do it all?

Of course, I'd have to think carefully - then decide how much time could I give to this. How many clients could I expect to shop for in one day? Would that cover my costs and living? I would need to settle on fees or rates that would be enough.

Check out if I have to have a business license, and what legalities might I have to take care of first.

I think I would like to hunt for someone who already does this to determine how much record-keeping I need to do.

Lastly...what are the best ways to get the word out that I'm willing to be a personal grocery shopper. No clients - no income. - This is not a grocery chain, but a shopping service that uses the stores already in your area. You choose your groceries from their website, and pay online. (Your credit card will be charged a little extra to allow for the items sold by weight, and for taxes; when the final bill is in, your card is refunded any extra taken - though it may be a few days before your account reveals that refund).

They are working towards a goal of delivering your groceries within the hour, if possible. What is more, their fee for service gets smaller as your grocery order gets larger, and is free for an order of $80 or more. Now, that's a nice touch, isn't it?

It pays to poke around their website and read the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions).

I also discovered that they are hiring shoppers/delivery persons and that it is possible to earn up to $30/hour in this work. If you are suitable for this kind of work - and have a vehicle for deliveries, you might want to check it out.

I'm watching for more such opportunties and services across Canada!

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