by Olive
(Vancouver, BC Canada)

I live in Vancouver BC and I noticed that someone else commented on the same subject in 2017 and said that Sobey's was working on it. There was a suggestion that there would be curb side pickup which doesn't help me and I do not own a car. Biking around the city is what everyone would like the citizens to do here, but I am 80 years old and I am unable to get around that well. Carrying groceries on the bus is hard enough imagine doing it on a bike. An on-line delivery service would be wonderful as Safeway is my store of choice. I guess I can always order from Save-on or Walmart in the future who have the service. I would have thought the perfect time for the service would have been during covid as most people were stuck in their homes.


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Aug 21, 2022
Right, Olive, the Options are Not Always Equal
by: Ruth

You are right, Olive, the grocery stores do not all offer the right options for everyone. I'm glad you have found at least one store that delivers for you.

One thing that COVID has done is cause more stores to even THINK about offering curb and delivery services.

Several decades ago I lugged my groceries on a bus, but I know I couldn't do that any more now.

This is why I champion and encourage grocery stores especially to offer delivery services. Or, if a person or couple can manage it, perhaps they should start offering a delivery service. I don't have time at this point in my life, but see the value.

I guess I should add to my busy agenda to check on the stores and see where their services are at currently. (Tho' that might not be same in every province - or State).

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