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Grocery Shopping in Canada

So MANY visitors to this site are Canadians looking for the convenience of grocery shopping in their local area. I sense a special frustration in those who, through mobility problems, or lack of time, would like to have groceries delivered to their door, and it is not always available in their area.

Canada is a huge country, with some areas not very densely populated; that may account for why some stores hesitate to offer grocery delivery service. The potential expenses scare them.

I would like to get a handle on this problem and see if we can do a bit of brainstorming together and maybe come up with some creative solutions for this problem. This survey quiz is a starting point. If you will help me by quickly checking off the answers that apply to you, and jotting down any suggestions you have, I may be able to come up with ideas to share on this site that can help a whole lot more people.

What do you say? Are you willing to take a minute or two for these questions?

Great! Thanks so much!

Grocery Shopping Problems?

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