Survey Quiz - Shopping Online

As you may have noticed, this website is all about shopping online. I have a special tender spot for those who feel hestitant to buy anything online or perform any transactions at all. So I try to keep things simple and encouraging. I think often it is all because no one has shown you how, and you are too timid to try on your own. Am I guessing right?

To make sure I'm providing truly useful information and guides for shopping online, I'd like to ask you to take this short survey or quiz. Please?

It will help me determine how many people do really feel hesitant to shop online, and you may well give me just the tip or idea that will help me get together even more practical guidance. Simple steps to give you confidence that you can shop online safely and security, with all the savvy you need!

Just a few yes or no questions, one about how many ways you know of to pay for things online (you might be worried because you don't have a credit card, for instance, and there are other ways to pay). And one question for your suggestions. You don't have to give your name or email at all. I'll have no way of spotting you in any crowd.

But I do thank you for taking a few moments to answer this survey quiz!

Shopping Online

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